Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain?

A domain is the internet address used by your users to find your website. Facebook’s domain is and Google’s domain is

What is a domain checker?
The Domain Checker allows you to check the availability of the domain you may like. If it is already taken then it will warn you, otherwise we can proceed with the domain you choose.
What is the cost?
The cost of most domains are free and included in the domain package. However, some domains, due to their popularity may incur an additional yearly cost. Redants Biz will communicate any additional cost to the customer before any purchases are made.
How do I purchase a domain?
After you have decided and checked your domain. In the checkout menu, you will be asked to enter the domain you have chosen.
What if I already have a domain?
If you wish to use your own domain then Redants Biz will communicate with you to have it point to our servers or transferred. This does not incur an additional cost.
Can I use a domain which I already own?
Domains purchased through Redants Biz remains the property of Redants Biz. However, the domains can be purchased and transferred for the same price which Redants Biz paid.
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